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Advertising is a $200 billion per year industry in the United States. This includes not only traditional media, such as television, print, radio and outdoor billboards; but newer concepts, such as Internet advertising. With so many advertising media available, business owners may wonder where their advertising dollars are best directed. Television and radio advertising both offer benefits ahead of any other medium, making the broadcast media a smart addition to your business’ overall marketing strategies.

Commercials from Creative Juices Marketing; whether TV, radio, or video; are always unique, edgy and compelling.  We will develop concepts, write scripts, set up scenery, voice, act, direct, and produce the video and audio needed for TV and radio commercials.

TV Commercials

Click the play button below to view 30 second spots developed by Creative Juices Marketing.

Radio Commercials

Below is a sampling of 30 second radio spots.  Creative Juices has written all scripts and has voiced most of these.  Click on the arrow at the far left and turn up your speakers!

MWP Building Supply – One Stop Shopping


MWP Building Supply – Pools


Able Insurance – Can’t Sleep


Able Insurance – Family


Able Insurance – Big Band


C and D Concierge – Cheer


C and D Concierge – Life’s Challenges


Snows Garden Center Christmas