The benefits of blogging are immense for many reasons.  Blogging should be a part of every businesses marketing strategy UNLESS you can not do it effectively or consistently – an ineffective and/or non-consistent blog could be detrimental.  Learn more about the benefits of blogging below:


Regular blogging on your business website attracts new visitors through a variety of channels including organic search traffic (SEO), social media, email and more. With each post you’re investing in your business and your website. Unlike advertising, a blog post remains on your site forever and in most instances the post attracts more traffic over time.

Regular Blogging Can Increase Website Visitors By 80%



The best business blogs focus on the questions customers are asking and answer those questions with blog posts. This blogging strategy attracts customers, provides value, earns their trust and leads them deeper into your website where they convert to become new customers.

Businesses with blogs generate 127% more leads


With a business blog, you provide an increasing amount of value in your industry. This adds to your reputation as an expert. Your ongoing blog sets you apart from the competition. Over the long-term, your business blog can become a sought after source of information in your industry.

81% Of Consumers trust advice and info from blogs

ghost bloggingCAN’T BLOG?  GET A GHOST!

Many businesses appreciate the need for blogging but have no idea how to effectively do so or even where to start.  Those businesses may want to consider hiring a ghost blogger to get them started or just completely structure and maintain their entire blog.  A ghostwriter is simply a third-party writer who is paid to write content that will appeal to your target audience. While the ghostwriter is the one who spends the time creating the work, you – the site owner – will actually control all the legal rights to the content for online posting and any other marketing purposes you choose. Basically, they do the work, and you get to put your name on it and reap the benefits.  We provide Ghost Blogging here at Creative Juices and we’ve structured it 2 ways.  It’s possible that someone within your organization is perfectly capable of handling the creation and publication of an effect business blog, but just needs initial guidance on the process.  At Creative Juices, we’ll get to know your business and businesses like yours and zero in on your target customer. We’ll research and provide possible blog post categories and titles for you and explain why they will work best to drive traffic to your website and leads to your business.  When the blog structure is established, we can either maintain it or teach someone in your organization to take it over.


  1. Ghostwriters Offer Professionalism – You’re probably an expert in your field, whether it be auto repair, home improvement, law, or whatever your area of specialty. You trust your experience and skills, and produce the highest quality work. But, do you have that same experience with professional writing? Did you know there are different styles of writing that can be used to communicate different messages in different ways? Ghostwriters understand the ins-and-outs of constructing high-quality content every time. You don’t need to worry about grammatical and spelling errors, sentences that don’t make sense, and confusing messages that require a specialist to interpret.
  2. Give Yourself More Time to Focus on YOUR Job – Hiring a ghostwriter to create your web content provides you with the time you need to focus on the most important aspects of your job. Instead of spending countless hours coming up with topics, doing research, and attempting to write coherent articles, you can free up valuable working hours by contracting out the work instead. You will spend some additional money hiring a ghostwriter, but your return on investment will include high-quality content and a cost-effective use of everyone’s time.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – One of the most important factors to consider when creating blog content for your website is Search Engine Optimization. Utilizing SEO strategies is a great way to post online content that your audience can actually find in a wide world of online blogs, websites, and Wikipedia entries. SEO applies search engine trends, keyword analytics, and search engine indexing requirements to boost your standing on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. You may not understand this practice, but your ghostwriter will.
  4. Writer’s Block – Do you dread writing and spending hours researching on the Internet? Do you procrastinate writing that weekly blog until the very last moment because you have other more interesting and important things to do? When you hire a ghostwriter, you provide yourself the opportunity to enjoy your work more and eliminate one aspect that may cause you stress, boredom, and frustration. A ghostwriter enjoys writing, and will provide you with quality work you can be proud of, and will take away the dread you experience from a task you hate.

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