Do you struggle to get your fans to engage?

Interested in ideas to get people talking?

Simple content ideas can give you something to talk about, even if you feel like you don’t have anything new or original to say.  This blog will give you several ways to improve engagement with social media conversations with content.

social media signs#1: Ask Your Audience Questions

Everyone wants to be heard, so consider asking questions in your social media posts. This gives your audience the opportunity to chime in with their opinions, tips and wisdom.  Inviting people to join the conversation makes them feel like your company cares about what they have to say. It also provides insights into your audience that can inform your marketing decisions.

Asking questions is an easy way to spark a conversation.  Ask questions that foster community among your followers.  You can flip the script and ask the audience for tips.  Asking a simple question like “Where in the world are you?” is an easy way to connect with people and find out more about them.  Ask a simple question that’s easy to respond to.  Bottom Line:  Allow people to share what inspires them.


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#2: Post Lighthearted or Humorous Content

If you’re having a rough day, lighthearted or humorous social content can lighten your mood a bit. You can be that ray of sunshine for your followers, and at the same time, develop meaningful relationships.

If you see content that makes you smile, it will probably make your followers smile as well.  Post a humorous photo to connect with your audience.

#3: Show Off Your Personal Side

The more people connect with you on a personal level, the more likely they are to do business with you. If you’re a business owner, give people a glimpse into your personal life. If you’re a marketer, show what it’s like behind the scenes of your company.

Share a personal anecdote to connect with your audience.  Show candid photos of your staff to humanize your brand.  Post photos that take your audience behind the scenes.  Share something about your life that would interest your audience.

#4: Share Inspirational Quotes

We all love to be inspired. That’s why posts with quotes are so popular on social media. When choosing quotes, keep in mind the perspective of your customers and what they hope to achieve.

#5: Repost Evergreen Content

What the heck is “Evergreen Content”?  Evergreen Content is a common term thrown around in the wide world of SEO.  Evergreen content represents the posts and articles on your blog that will always be relevant to your audience, compared to topics that may change over time.  This distinction is best explained with an example…Suppose you run an introductory SEO blog. In this case, an article titled “What is SEO?” could be an example of evergreen content, as the definition of the acronym “SEO” isn’t going to change in this context. That definition will always be helpful to industry newbies, and the topic itself will continue to provide enduring value to the blog’s audience over time.

Social media moves fast, so if you’re sharing your evergreen content only when it’s new, most people won’t see it. If you have relevant content sitting in your archives, schedule social posts to promote it to a new audience.  Content that answers frequently asked questions can stay relevant over a long time period.  An opt-in offer can be another type of evergreen content that’s helpful to your audience.

#6: Curate Relevant Content

Curating content that your audience will love is an effective way to complement your own social content.  Think about what blogs your ideal customer or prospect reads. Then share posts from those blogs or their social accounts. This way you’re providing your audience with valuable content and building relationships with people who cater to your ideal client.

When you see posts that you know will resonate with your audience, share them.  Link to relevant articles for your audience.  Post links to products that complement your own products and services.  Link to valuable content that will appeal to your audience.


Sometimes you may feel like you don’t have anything new or original to contribute on social media, and that can leave you feeling stuck.