Website LaunchAlmost ready to launch your new website?  Exciting!  Just remember, there’s nothing more important than your website’s content.  The words.  The images.  The titles and tags.  Spending money on Google Ad Words and SEO specialists is a complete waste if you don’t have great content on your website to begin with. Hopefully, you’re all set, but going through a content checklist prior to launching is a smart move as well.  Ideally planned content on your site MIGHT keep you from needing to spend money on SEO.  Here’s a detailed website content checklist to help make sure everything is perfect prior to website launch.

Proofread Your Content

Nothing says “unprofessional” more than grammar and spelling errors, so double check all text on the site for mistakes and then check it all again.

Format Written Content

Layout is important to make your site attractive and easy to consume. Avoid big blocks of text, use paragraphs, and don’t forget about headings!

Check Each Image

Go through your whole media library and check that your images have proper descriptions and ALT text.

Double-Check Videos and Audio Files

The latter also counts for other types of media. See that the right files are in the right place and that they are working properly.

Examine Page Links

Make sure that no link is broken, internal links point where they are supposed to, and external links open in a new tab.

Check Downloadable Files

If you have downloadables, make sure they are proofread, linked to correctly and can, in fact, be downloaded.

Set Up A Custom 404 Page

Though most themes have a default page for content that can’t be found, you should also consider setting up a custom 404 error page. Either way, make sure there is a page for those who get
onto your site through a faulty link.

Website Content Checklist

Implement A Contact Page

Another important page visitors will appreciate is a contact page. Use plugins like Jetpack, Contact Form 7, and Fast Secure Contact Form to set up an easy way for users to communicate with you. HINT – most people who are visiting your website are looking to contact you or find out where your business is.  Don’t make them look too hard.

Prepare Launch Content

To help your website start off on the right foot, it can make sense to prepare some posts to share on social networks upon launch.

Get Ready For Google!

Last but not least, if you haven’t already, add your website to Google Analytics and then Google’s Webmaster Tools.  Be sure to verify your website in Google’s webmaster tools and then submit the site for Google Indexing and request indexing of all pages.  Then submit your sitemaps as well.  Make sure everything checks out with no errors.

Now that you’ve gotten through our website content checklist, how did your website do?  If you need help with your website content; feel free to contact Creative Juices Marketing Agency to discuss.  We’d love to help you!  CONTACT US.

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