A Lasting Impression

The first thing you should understand is that a business’s brand is the experience. Every single moment your customer interacts with your offerings, be it products, or services. That’s REALLY fundamental to understand. The storytelling elements of your brand will continue to be important throughout your company’s future.  It’s your FIRST impression, and it MUST be a lasting one.

Creative Juices Marketing

The second thing I want to stress is the importance of simplifying. Consumers and business to business (B2B) buyers – they’re all harried. We all have fewer resources and more to do than ever before. So as a brand, you need to simplify.  Ask yourself: How am I simplifying the brand experience?  It’s the Ubers of the world who cut out the step of hailing a cab – how successful is the Uber brand?  Ridiculously.

Lastly, you need your brand logo to be able to be utilized anywhere.  Signs, billboards, golf shirt embroidery, websites…  It should be unique, but understandable.  It can speak to your product, or be completely removed from it – it just needs to be straightforward and burn into people’s brains.

Branding your business is essential to marketing success.  Your brand must be memorable, professional and outstanding.  Don’t get too caught up in what YOU want to see in your brand.  It’s important that your passion be included in the process, but you want your brand to appeal to your potential customer or client.  THAT’S essential!  Branding will stem from your logo and soon make you a well-known entity. Creative Juices Marketing will research your business and others like you to establish a UNIQUE and COMPELLING brand that will become the face of your company.

If your business doesn’t have an established, effective, recognizable brand; call 434.964.7511 today!  For more on what Creative Juices Marketing Agency can do for you, CLICK HERE.

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The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Unique, Compelling,
Eye-catching, Thought-provoking, Carefully-thought-out Graphic Design is ESSENTIAL.  Every element is important and speaks to your overall brand.

Web Design

Edgy, Updated, High Tech, Informational, Easy to Navigate, Fast Loading, and EXACTLY what your potential customer is looking for – right at their fingertips and in front of their eyes!

Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing Must Be Quick To Impress.  Small Areas Must Hold HUGE Message.  Design Must Compel a Click and Speak to All Products and Services.

Brand Strategy

High Competition Makes It Necessary For A Business’s BRAND To Be Unique, Compelling and OUTSTANDING.  It’s Something That Is Instantly Recognizable.