The internet has 3.17 billion users and out of them, there are 2.3 billion active social media users. Looking to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy for 2022? Good! Now’s the perfect time to make it happen. In a landscape with more competition, content and networks than ever, a succinct strategy gives you the focus needed to say “no” to efforts that don’t serve your goals. Question is, do you need a social media guru to do it?

With the number of internet users increasing day by day, the count of social media users is also at its peak. Day by day, different social media platforms are launched that deliver unique features which convert visitors into regular users. But as the numbers of social media platforms are increasing, they are also showing a remarkable capability to convert the users into verified customers. Social media experts play a vital role in increasing your business’s online visibility and driving traffic to your website.  Creative Juices Marketing Agency maintains the social media marketing for numerous businesses, but Social Media Guru is not what we call ourselves, although we are most certainly social media enlightened 😁 If you are planning to maintain your social media accounts, we have some tips for you:

Social-Media-GuruUpdate Your Profiles

Proceeding ahead without knowing the different social platforms will totally be a waste of time. There are numerous social platforms, but few of them are famous and are highly visited by the global users. So, you must have a working hand on all those platforms.  1 million new active mobile social users are added every day. To target such a huge audience, you need to be purely familiar with the platforms you are going to work on.

Be In Contact With Experts

If you have decided to maintain your social media marketing in house, you may still want someone with experience to get the ball rolling in the right direction first.  Without proper guidance, you’ll spend a great deal of time testing the waters and running different experiments to find out what your audience will respond to.  You don’t necessarily need an in-house social guru, but and expert and influencer in social media marketing could set up strategies that work for your business and guide someone within the business to maintain it going forward.  That way, you’ll at least be heading in the right direction with your campaign.

Read Articles On Social Media Marketing

There are many online companies that publish articles on how-to, tips or tricks for successful social media marketing. Make an effort to stay informed on the latest strategies.  The online world is ever-changing and we just need to make an effort to keep up. Now read this one that we wrote – Power of Social Media

Attend Webinars/ Events

To be the best, you have to spend some time learning from the best.  Experts from all over the globe hold numerous webinars and events you could attend. So, if possible, you must visit as many events as possible. In such events, experts from different countries share their success mantra or any tips that can be helpful for the others.  You can note each and every tip and execute them on the available social platforms. After you attend any conference, you will acquire a level of confidence that will help you to execute different strategies successfully.

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If you are looking to become your business’s social media guru, we hope these tips have helped.  Hiring a professional marketing and advertising professional like Creative Juices Marketing Agency is a smart way to make sure your business is in the right position to compel your customer base, improve and build on your brand, and ultimately increase your revenue.  If your business needs someone to strategize, maintain and manage your company’s Social Media Marketing campaigns; contact Denise Hood at 434 964 7511 or send us this CONTACT FORM.