Creative Juices Marketing Testimonials

“Creative Juices is OUTSTANDING! As an attorney, author and CEO of a national office that confronts workplace bullying, I was seeking a professional who is an expert in all aspects of social media marketing. I am not particularly tech savvy beyond the basics, and so I needed a company that would not require constant hand-holding from me.

During my search, I discovered a number of companies that appeared to be a good fit in terms of qualifications. However, I never quite had the right “feel” for them. Being one to trust his instincts, when I came across Creative Juices, I instantly developed a good feel for this company and for its owner – Ms. Denise C. Hood. My search was over almost as soon as it began.

During the time that I have worked with Denise at Creative Juices, I have not been disappointed, nor have I ever second-guessed my decision. Denise possesses all of the qualities that I was looking for in the professional whom I would hire to meet my social media needs.

She gets results – the bottom line. My web presence has increased exponentially since hiring Creative Juices, as have my networks around the country.

Denise is unquestionably competent and has many years of professional experience in all aspects of marketing, website design, branding, and many other portfolios that are beyond my low-tech comprehension. She is a person of excellent integrity and discretion, which are important to protecting the credibility of one’s business. She is incredibly hard-working. Indeed, on several occasions, I have had to encourage Denise to take a break from work and just go and have some fun.

Denise is very conscientious about serving the needs of her clients, which is why she works so hard. She strives to give the client her individual attention, and she is exceptionally responsive to communications. She listens well and provides her valuable insights, yet always respecting the client’s preferences. She is never argumentative and always quite collegial.

I am most pleased with my decision to hire Denise Hood, owner of Creative Juices. She is highly intelligent, resourceful, and – yes, CREATIVE! Frankly, I do not believe there is a better company out there – anywhere!”

Shenandoah Titus, Esq.Author of THE WHISTLEBLOWER: Defeating Bullies, Harassers & Management Gang Retaliation (available on Amazon)

“I recently had the privilege of working with Creative Juices Marketing on building my new website. Denise was extremely polite, professional, easy to talk with and she had a ton of great ideas for my website. After our initial conversation and getting to know a little about me and my company, Denise took the reigns and all I had to do was sit back and relax. She put together an absolutely fabulous website for my company to include the mobile site and getting me connected with all the search engines, I didn’t have to lift a finger!!. She did all this at a fraction of the cost that other web designers charge and in my opinion, did a much better job! I would highly recommend Creative Juices Marketing to anyone looking for or needing to change, upgrade, update or completely overhaul for their website!”

    Norm Gallimore, Owner Norm’s Transportation

“I spent many months researching different companies to hire to set up a professional website. It was a very frustrating period because I came across companies that either charged extremely high prices or the quality didn’t seem to be to my standards. Creative Juices Marketing was referred to me by a friend.  After speaking with Denise and researching her company, I discovered that she does a lot more than website development. This was great news since I needed someone that can set me up online properly. I felt very comfortable with her and signed an agreement immediately. That was the best marketing decision I have made. Denise made the whole project very pleasant and she introduced me to a lot that I was not aware of in respect to online marketing. She is very honest and very easy to speak to.

My experience with Denise has been a very positive one from the beginning. She is professional, talented, and has a great deal of patience.  No matter how many times I changed my mind about a feature, a color, or a font, she never seemed to become frustrated or annoyed.  She makes great effort to insure her clients are completely satisfied. I highly recommend Denise. She is amazing!!”

    Omid Vatan DDS, Owner  Vatan Dental Group in Los Angeles, CA

“Denise is one of the most creative people I know!  She has helped me grow my business with her marketing skills, website and social media expertise. She is efficient, enthusiastic and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her!”

    Betty Aguilar, Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster Real Estate

“Denise is our go-to person for all things Web and Marketing.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

    Bill Ware, Owner High Caliber Construction

“Denise has a lot of creativity and expertise in the field of marketing, advertising, Social Media and website design. Her ideas are fresh and contemporary and can give your company a new look. She has a wide variety of skills, so she is a one stop marketing/design consultant whether your needs are print, on-line, social media, radio, television or anything else you can think of. I would highly recommend Denise and Creative Juices for all your marketing needs.”

    Melinda Smith, Advertising Director, Real Estate III

“Dear Denise:  Our business wouldn’t be as sharp imaged as it is without your presence.  I want to thank you for everything you are doing and have done!!  Before I had the pleasure of meeting you and having you take over as my marketing agent and web site designer, I went through many different outlets to attempt what you have accomplished not only successfully with my business and your interaction with my web site but the marketing portion and sourcing of my clients for my company.  You make what is impossible for me to even attempt look so easy from your side… You are truly gifted and we are the lucky ones that have the privilege to work with you.  Your imagination and knowledge for building my business through public media buy attracting customers to my site and the sharp art you have composed with my customer base only get positive feedback. Your work within my company has not only changed the way my business model runs but have increased my bottom line with your creativity and knowledge of graphics that inspires not only myself but my customer base. You are truly a gem. Thanks for everything that you’ve done in the least I could do was let you know how much you have helped my business over the past two years.”

    Tony Potter, President/CEO Deck Protect

“I highly recommend Denise! She is very creative and thoughtful. Recently I referred her to my real estate clients that were building a website for their restaurant. They are very happy with the end results. I also think their website looks fantastic. I’ll continue to refer Denise in the future!”

    Maggie Gunnels, Senior Marketing Manager/Realtor

“Denise set Charlottesville on fire with the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA Critter Ball Fundraising Campaigns! I was so impressed with how comprehensive her skills were.  Congratulations to Denise on leading the winning team for the 2011, 2012 AND 2013 Critter Ball Competition/Fundraiser.  Her campaigns raised more than $130,000 overall. I look forward to working with her again!”

    Ginger Germani, Co-Chair, Charlottesville Ablemarle SPCA 2011, 2012 & 2013 Critter Ball

“Denise is a wonderful graphic/web designer who takes the time to actually listen to the clients needs. She then implements strategies and techniques to market them in a professional manner that increases their marketshare and increases their customer base and revenue. She is consistently reliable and trustworthy.”

    Sam Clarke, Sales at Jim Price Automotive

“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Denise. She is creative, professional and I think she offers tremendous value and that is important to most of us given the current economic climate. She understands marketing and the real estate industry. I will continue to use Denise in the future.”

    Ed Brownfield Former Co-owner Real Estate III Commercial Properties

“Denise has a wonderful grasp of the project, creates excellent choices and delivers high quality results. She is easy to work with, is quick to grasp the size and scope of the project and is punctual at every step. Denise is trustworthy and highly reliable. That is why I continue to call on her for graphic design and marketing services.”

    Jim Lansing, Executive Chairman at Sammy Snacks, Inc

“Denise has been an amazing asset to my clients and her own. She writes very creative commercials for TV, she designs one of a kind websites, and supervising every stage of the process. She is very eager to please everyone that she works with and makes sure they are truly satisfied with the product that she delivers every time. She has a wonderful gift for the most creative writing I’ve seen. I will continue to recommend her and her services to my clients.”

    Kim Baughman, Account Rep for Comcast (client/business partner)