Pampered Pets CharlottesvilleThe advertising world is always evolving. Technology and strategies are growing and changing in leaps and bounds that professional designers and content developers must run a hundred miles and hour to keep up.  Advertising that isn’t fresh, compelling, and high tech can be a total waste of your money.  Evolving advertising is something every business must stay on top of to compete. Here are 5 reasons creativity is a must to a business’s advertising:

Break Through The Noise

The normal human response to noise is to ignore it. That becomes impossible, though, when the noise is either very loud and annoying, or unforgettable. Most people will do everything they can to avoid loud noises, unless they are compelling ones. For example, it’s natural to tune out arguing neighbors or a screaming child. It’s just as natural to stop what you’re doing to listen to a songbird or a beautiful guitar solo. The latter noises are compelling, and that’s the type of “noise” you want your advertising to have.  It’s estimated that the average person sees and hears anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 branded messages every day.  Compare that to the average of 500 ads 40 years ago and you’ve got a whole lot of noise.

Why so many today? The enormous increase is due in large part to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. A recent Nielsen Company survey found that American adults spend more than 10½ hours consuming media daily, an hour more than the previous year. When you think about human reactions to noise, the important lesson becomes obvious. The best way to be noticed in the midst of advertising “noise” is to be compelling. And the most compelling ads are creative ones, which grab and maintain the viewer’s, reader’s or listener’s attention. The rest are just noise, which most people will avoid, ignore, or just plain overlook. As we said, creativity is a must!

Make It Memorable

Many ads are eminently forgettable, whether they’re on TV, in print or online; they often simply blend in with the noise and have no lasting impact. The best example is Super Bowl advertising. This past year, ads went for more than $5 million for each 30-second ad, and more than 50 unique commercials were shown during the game.  In surveys done a week or so after the Super Bowl, though, most people only remembered only a few of the ads.

Commercials which people do remember stick in their minds for one reason: creativity. Those who are old enough can still visualise the futuristic 1984 Super Bowl Apple ad, or the 1979 Coke commercial with Mean Joe Greene; they became classics. Similarly, the 2018 Super Bowl ads that people do still recall, even though they aired in a virtual blizzard of advertising during what many consider to be the

best game of all time, were memorable because they were creative.

Only a few companies are in the position to spend millions of dollars on a single ad, and online advertising costs just a fraction of that amount. But the important takeaway is the same as it is for Super Bowl advertisers: audiences remember creative, outside-the-box ads. Unexpected creativity seems to work best.


There’s never a guarantee that your advertising will go viral, but a strategy that gets you there is ideal.  Coming up with something that makes people say “Wow! I wish I had thought of that!” is the ultimate goal. Something people haven’t seen that’s clever and creative gives you your best chance at going viral. Being creative and engaging will ensure that your exposure and return is positioned to be great. Creativity is a must!


It might seem counterintuitive that you can save money by producing creative advertising. After all, hiring talented writers, artists, designers or directors – or paying an agency for conceptualizing and developing an

5 reasons creative advertising is a must

ad – sounds like a budget-busting expense. It just might be, unless the advertising is creative and effective – which is the only kind that will give you the exact results you’re looking for.  Additionally, hiring a good agency that is programmed to be mindful of your business’s brand, your customer bases’ needs and the professionalism you need to portray to them.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review was designed to measure the financial impact of creative ads. It found that every dollar invested in highly-creative advertising campaigns, particularly if the ads are artistic and elaborate or brilliantly illustrate a product benefit, returned twice as much revenue as money spent on “ordinary” ads.

There’s one other cost benefit: creative advertising that works well has a much longer shelf life than a series of moderately-effective (or ineffective) standard ads. Producing just a few creative gems can save a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on dozens of ordinary ads, benefitting a company’s bottom line.  Bottom line is, if you go cheap with your ad design, you will most likely be wasting both the money you spend having the cheap ads designed AND the money you spend to run them.  Moreover, you could damage your business’ image and cause potential customers/clients to doubt your ability to impress them.


Of all the 5 reasons that creativity is a must for businesses, this one is the “mustiest”.  If no one knows your business, no one will hire your business.  Being creative in promoting your brand will cause consumers to recognize and appreciate the effort you make to put your business in front of them. Even if they don’t remember the specific advertising over the long-term, and even if the ad doesn’t convince them to buy right away, there is a long-lasting positive effect on the company’s brand overall. A professional designer/creator of ads will know just how to grab your potential customer or client by the shirt and then make them smile at their cleverness.  That’s the goal anyway!  :)

Creative Advertising that gets attention and gets people to take action takes work and focus. Hiring a professional marketing and advertising professional like Creative Juices Marketing Agency is a smart way to make sure your business is in the right position to compel your customer base, improve and build on your brand, and ultimately increase your revenue.  If your business needs creative advertising, whether it be print, radio, tv or digital advertising; contact Denise Hood at 434 964 7511 or send this CONTACT FORM

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