Whether you’re a creating graphics for social media or designing an invitation for an upcoming event, the application of graphic design is vast and versatile. From font pairing and scale, to alignment and white space, the facets of the design world are complex. Following is a the ultimate list of graphic design tips to help you with the creative process.

creative juices marketing agency1.  Terrific Typeface (choice of font)

When selecting a typeface or font for headings, subtitles and body text, use easy to read fonts for simple and effective graphic design. The eye finds it hard to scan multiple typefaces, so stick to a simple collection of fonts.

2.  Don’t Be Scared Of Scale

Apply scale to type, shapes or compositional features that need proportionate emphasis. Use appropriate colors to enhance this technique while making sure suitable typefaces that look good when increased in size.

3.  Respect The Space Of Other Elements

Use letter spacing to fill dead space, aligning text, or condense words that take up too much space. However, be careful not to reduce letter spacing so much it can’t be read, or increase it so much the letters become detached from one another.

4.  Be Clever With Your Colors

Choose a color scheme that has 1-3 primary colors and an additional 1-3 secondary colors that contrast and complement each other. Use different tones of the same color for consistency by adjusting brightness for contrast. Finer typefaces will need stronger distinction against a colored background.

5.  Mind the Cs – Clean, Crisp, Clear

Pump up contrast by adjusting the brightness of the background image so that it offsets the text color, making the design clear and easy to read. This is a great way to apply white or black text over an image to create a strong ‘cut-out’ effect.

6.  Find Fonts With Feeling

Chose a typeface that sings the song of your content. Typefaces with rounded edges are usually friendlier note, Quicksand is used here); hard-edged geometric fonts (sans serifs) are solid and strong; while serifs convey an elegant and sophisticated look.

tips for great graphic design7.  Keep It Simple

Keep it simple, but don’t forget your basics. Make sure every element has a reason to be in the design and keep the number of fonts, colors, shapes and frames to a minimum. Use contrasting tonal color combinations to text is sharp and easy to read. Applying a solid frame to contain your copy will enhance the compositional structure of a design.

8.  Creativity and Originality

Be inventive and experimental and choose and combine different typefaces and filters. Avoid trends and create designs that correspond with your own unique style, leaving a personal stamp on your work.

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9.  Wonderful White Space

Create a fluid design by surrounding words with white space to let elements breathe. The application of space around text boxes, images and other graphic elements makes a design easier to read. It’s also more likely to attract attention than a cluttered composition.

10.  Research Before You Dive In

Have all the details needed before you begin to write or create. Study, read, research, resource. Whether it’s materials and objects or information and facts, the research process will guarantee a more thought-out result.

11.  Think Outside The Box

This is one thing we ALWAYS do here at Creative Juices Marketing because the most creative people always take ristks and think outside the box. Don’t use the typical icons and symbols you see everywhere to represent your topic. Research, sketch and print to find new and original icons to visually communicate with your audience.

12.  Brighten Up Your Graphics

Create drama and impact with attention grabbing graphics. Ensure your colors don’t bleed together by choosing hues that contrast against one another.

We hope the above tips help with your graphic design project.  If you need the professional assistance of a crack graphic design team, CONTACT US!  

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